Sainsbury’s School Games Level 2 Competitions


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Sainsbury’s School Games Level 2 Competitions



Some team members have used their reporting skills to feed back the exciting moments of these sporting events:


Sainsbury’s School games

Cricket Tournament 2015

On Thursday 11th June we had a brilliant day when the Year 5/6 team persevered in a phenomenal cricket match against West Lodge Primary School and Old Bexley Primary school. Everyone played incredibly well and had enormous fun. Of course, two people weren’t playing but they cheered their friends on as they were sprinting to and fro, whacking the ball with immense power, bowling perfectly, and trying their very highest to catch their opposing team out.

The first match was against Old Bexley. We were unbelievable as we were reaching our very highest runs and we won! It was insanely tight with the difference of two runs. Wow! Those who were off had one of the most important tasks of all which was cheering their mates on and they did wonderfully. People watched the ball closely making sure that they did their level best to catch any ball that soared through the air. Everyone did a fantastic job as they made sure that they took it seriously but also had a nice time and we were also using teamwork by giving everyone a massive cheer and clap. I thought it was wonderful.

Kwik CricketKwik Cricket Team

The second match was West Lodge. I wasn’t playing but I enjoyed watching as all my teammates enthusiastically sprinted towards the ball when they were bowling and fielding. When our friends were batting, the group and I encouraged them and they hit the ball with enormous power and zoomed forward and back from the set of stumps. Of course, we were caught out a few times but we loved it so much we didn’t care! This time we didn’t win but the team was proud of themselves anyway. I think we did that we did spectacularly especially since West Lodge have been doing tournaments for a very long time and are very talented at it. So we still tried our best and I’m so glad that we did because we did so well.

Overall, our day went great. We came second out of three teams which was very difficult. Also, I felt our school was really gracious at the end of the games as we shook hands with everybody we were competing with, whether we won or not. All in all the tournament was wonderful and I can’t wait for the next one.

Reported by E. 5LS

Kwik Cricket 2



Sainsbury’s School Games

Quad Kids

For the first time in Dulverton history, our amazing sports teacher, Miss Smith, took two very skilled teams to a deadly competition on Wednesday the 6th of May to complete 4 very hard athletic activities.

First we had to put our legs up to the limit by running 600m in the long distance run. With scorching hot sun on our sweating faces, we did not give in as we kept on fighting through all the things the running threw at us. We were unbelievable and ran faster than any Olympic runner! Next we had the year 5 boys who also covered the track in seconds!

Then we had our amazing year 6 girls who stuck together all the way through the run although their tired legs were aching all the way through. Finally we had the year 6 boys who swept the crowd right off their feet as they passed the finish line, right before everyone’s eyes. They were all so very fast, the crowd were gobsmacked. (Dulverton were twice as fast as all the other schools, we were unbeatable!)

Next we had the 75m sprint and straight after the 600m long run! We went in the same order as the 600m run. Even though we were dehydrated and our legs were heavy like boulders, Dulverton went racing right before anyone’s eyes.

After rehydrating with a refreshing drink of water, we moved on to our next event – the distance throw. We each had one great attempt at trying to throw the Vortex Howler gracefully through the air to achieve our furthest distance. Just as we were about to finish, the heavens opened and the terrible weather hit.

Thankfully our final event was the standing long jump that was being held inside so we managed to dodge the worst of the pouring rain. One by one, we took our place on the starting line and launched ourselves into the air trying to make sure we didn’t take a step back on the landing. It was so much fun and we were all glad to be out of the rain.

Overall, out of 20 other schools, Dulverton A team came 5th and the B team came 8th.

Reported by F. Year 5