Letters to Parents / Guardians

Individual and Family Photo Letter Oct 2017

Year 3 Gardening Letter Sept 2017

Letter to Parents/Guardians of Class RAI

Ofsted Letter to Parents/Guardians

Jeans for Genes Day letter Sept 2017

Reading Expectation Letter (Rec - Yr2)

Yr3 Lego Club letter September 2017

Swimming letter 4BK Autumn Term 2017

Swimming letter 4MK Autumn Term 2017

Harrisons Lunch Menu Sept 17

Music Lessons Letter - September 2017 (Yrs 2 - 5)

Head Teacher End of Year Letter July 2017

KS2 School Lunch price list - Autumn Term 2017

Emergency Planning Adverse Weather Conditions 2016/17

Outdoor Learning Space - Seating Letter (Nurs - Yr 6)

Letter requesting Pupil Country of Birth and Nationality (Nurs - Yr 6)

Agora Parent Activation Guide

Agora Creating a Microsoft Account

Letter re End of Day Collection for Classes 4SB and 3JO/JR

Harrison Catering Menu Sept 2016

Parent/Guardian Volunteer letter

Year 2 Free School Meal application letter 

Whooping Cough Letter and PHE advice

Emergency Planning Adverse Weather Conditions Jan 2016

League tables letter Dec 2015

Profutures letter re spectating in bad weather

OAWTAP Parent Guide to Treating Head Lice

Education City - Troubleshooting

Education City - Accessing Using Mobile Devices

Collection of Pupils at end of school Day (Nurs - Yr 6)

Free School Meals and the Pupil Premium

Holiday In Term Time Letter (12 September 2014)

Cool Milk Application Form (29 July 2014)

KS2 Fruit Letter (25 Jun 2014)

EWO Letter re Absence Procedures (09 May 2014)

Pro Futures Football arrangements for Wednesdays (Rec, Yr1 & Yr2) (Sept 2014)

Cyber Bullying (Sept 2014)