Orchestra Club

Orchestra Club runs on Mondays after school with Miss Cropper and Mrs Tyler. The children learn lots about music and being part of an orchestra. We have performed in front of the whole school and parents. If you are interested in coming along and taking part, please speak to Miss Cropper.



On Monday 23rd June, the orchestra club went to the Royal Festival Hall and performed with over 30 different primary schools in front of parents, guardians, family and friends. Miss Beale, Mrs Tyler and I took the children to the performance and we all had a fantastic day. The children absolutely loved performing on such a vast stage. We hope the children continue to develop their skills with their musical instruments. I would like to give a special mention to Mrs Tyler for helping, practising and tutoring the children for the big day.  Thank you Mrs Tyler! Here are a few pictures from the day.

Miss Cropper


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Here are some of the things that Orchestra have been doing recently.  Click on the links to view the PDF's:


Christmas Show

Music & Orchestra