Gardening Club

We have been very busy this year getting our hands dirty with a huge variety of projects. We have entered Ruxley in Bloom and are in the School Competition.  We hope to do well in the Heaviest Potato Challenge, Best School Garden and Best School Container categories.  Judging takes place in June, so if you see the children from Gardening Club talking to the plants or doing a rain dance you know why!  The potatoes can be seen growing in tyres just outside the hall.  The Dinosaur themed container is in the grass square just outside the Year 2 classrooms and the garden is in front of the office extension.  Please do come and look at all the children's hard work.


Our Story Garden


Our story garden was inspired by, and is dedicated to, Miss Jones who was so passionate about children's literature. So far we have included seven well-loved stories with the signpost giving directions.  We are very grateful to Mrs Mason and Mr and Mrs Rooney for their enthusiasm, expertise and generous donations, without which our garden would not be possible.



The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

We upcycled an old cabinet to create the wardrobe - the entrance to Narnia. If you look closely you will see a bug hotel tucked away behind the fur coats.


The Gruffalo

Look out little mouse! Can you see the snake in his logpile house?


Jack and the Beanstalk

Runner beans and sweet peas can be seen climbing up the book shelves. Will they reach the top before the end of term?


The Wizard of Oz

The Wicked Witch of the East is dead! Follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City but don't get too close to the poppies.


The Pig in the Pond

On a hot day, do you like to jump into a cool, refreshing paddling pool? Well the Pig in this story is no different, much to the disgust of the ducks and the geese!


Alice in Wonderland

Strawberries have been planted in the brightly coloured teapot and should be ready to eat later this term, just in time for the Mad Hatter's Tea Party.


Peter Rabbit

In Mr McGregor's garden we are growing all Peter and Benjamin's favourite snacks.  There are carrots, lettuce, peppers and beetroot and next to this we have planted marigolds to deter carrot fly.


Do you have a favourite story that you would like us to include? Please write them down, along with any other ideas for our garden and hand it in to Mrs Oljay.


We have tried very hard to attract wildlife to our garden by thinking carefully about our planting, pest control and ornaments. Bees and butterflies will love the purple tipped hebe, lavender and heather.  The Bug Hotel and the log pile will provide a welcoming habitat for centipedes, ladybirds, beetles and spiders and perhaps winter shelter for frogs too. 


Not only is our Story Garden proving popular with pupils but slugs and snails seem to love it too!   To deter them, we have sprinkled a mixture of egg shells, coffee and bran-flakes around the garden.


We are currently working on suitable birdfeeders and are growing sunflowers - a real treat for finches, bluetits and robins.


Wildlife Area


To increase the diversity of plants found in the wildlife area we have planted some wildflower seeds and hope to see cornflowers, field poppies and corn marigolds growing this summer. We have also planted some bluebell bulbs, kindly donated by Mrs Keyte which should give a beautiful blue blanket of colour beneath the fruit trees next spring.


We have collected broken branches and twigs from the back field to create a variety of habitats for insects and to provide shelter for small mammals as they search for food. Clear pathways have been made by animals moving though the long grass and so we laid a sand trap to identify our nocturnal visitors.  We discovered footprints made by foxes, cats and birds of various sizes.